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Integrative Medicine Clinic in Bakersfield & Los Angeles, CA

Welcome To Dr. Torabi Advanced Integrative Medicine

Dr. Torabi, the leading Auto Immune Intgrative Specialist serving Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA.

Our comprehensive approach has enabled us to offer quality services over the years. Whether you’re suffering from chronic adrenal fatigue, diabetes, or autoimmune disease, we’ll help address the root cause and restore your health. Our services also help boost the immune system and protect against viruses.

Wherever the art of medicine is loved,
there is also a love of humanity.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is amazing scientific approach focusing on finding solutions by identifying the root cause of the disease rather than chasing symptoms and prescribing multiple medications.

Doctor and patient work diligently together to achieve optimum health using the latest technologies known to modern science.

Through personalizing care, Integrative Medicine goes beyond the treatment of symptoms to address all possible causes of an illness.

Integrative health care, defined as a comprehensive, offers interdisciplinary approach to treatment, prevention and health promotion that brings together complementary and conventional therapies.

Dr. Torabi has been very successful of achieving her goal of giving her patients vibrant life they deserve.


Our Providers

Dr. Torabi and Dr Fred Hui (mentor) are integrated practitioners who combine conventional, Integrative and alternative therapies in treating patients and utilizes all stated modalitizes of diagnosis.


This was an amazing clinic. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have allergies and they have made me feel so much better. I went to other clinics and they could not help me, but happy I found this.

Nicole M.

After many years and all kinds of unsuccessful treatments, I found Dr. Torabi. She was able to quickly and accurately diagnose my condition. She took the time to listen to all of my questions and finally advise and administer the proper needed care/treatments. Chelation and ozone therapy has changed my life.

Ken M.

Dr. Torabi has been treating me over the past several years and has done an amazing job. Every time I come to her I have amazing results and she improves my health She really takes the time to listen to my symptoms, explains thoroughly what needs to be done and provides excellent care. I am very pleased.

Lucille G.

Dr Torabi has changed the quality of my life with her caring and expertise. I had body pain, severe fatigue, anxiety and depression. None of the other doctors were able to diagnose me. Dr. Torabie spent two hours with me, order different lab tests, and pinpointed my diagnosis which was . . . Read More

Michelle M.

I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Torabi’s dedication to my health and wellness. Before I came to Dr. Torabi, I was suffering from various complaints related to my autoimmune disease as well as debilitating chronic fatigue that seemed to gradually get worse despite my best efforts . . . Read More

Dane N.

For many years I have suffered from several unresolved medical issues and it wasn’t until I met Dr. Torabi that I began to see life changing results. I had severe pain in my spine and surrounding areas due to a major car accident 27 years ago. Every time it rained I experienced pain to the point that I could not move and I had to take strong pain medication . . . Read More

Ludwika S.

Dr. Torabi has been an outstanding physician who has greatly improved my overall health. For many years I had knee pain which prevented me from certain physical activities and impacted me taking daily walks. After receiving ozone and chelation IV therapy by Dr. Torabi this pain was alleviated and I am able to walk miles without pain . . . Read More

Z. Singh

As a long term sufferer from anxiety and panic attacks I am relieved to have met Dr. Torabi. I received three back to back ozone treatments in October of 2020. Since then my anxiety and panic attacks have reduced not only in frequency but also intensity. I also experience an overall calmness in my mood and mind . . . Read More

Sofia G.

So let me start this testimony by stating, I was one of the few people who experienced ozone therapy with Dr. Torabi, with PHENOMENAL results. With the covid pandemic going on Torabi, explains to me the benefits of Ozone THERAPY and how it would help my immune system to fight off any viruses along with other benefits. So based on her Knowledge and PASSION to treat, I decided to move forward . . . Read More

Daniel C.

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