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Soho Integrative Medicine is composed of Dr. Torabi and Dr Fred Hui (mentor). We are integrated practitioners who combine conventional, integrative and alternative therapies in treating patients and utilize all stated modalitizes of diagnosis.

Meet the Founder of Soho Integrative Medicine

Meet Dr. Torabi of Soho Integrative Medicine Clinic

Autoimmune Integrative Specialist

Dr. Torabi - Your Fatigue and Hormone Therapy Specialist In Bakersfield and Los Angeles

Becoming a doctor was always the dream of a young eight-year-old girl who practiced at playing doctor with her sister in the backyard. With a toy medical bag complete with a plastic stethoscope, tongue depressor, blood pressure cuff, and thermometer, the love of medical training and research grew into a true passion and was cemented in high school during the dissection of her first frog.

When women doctors were still a minority in a male-dominated industry, a young Torabi entered into an accelerated medical school in Iran. During her externship, she cared for severely injured war victims of the Iran-Iraq conflict where medical supplies were limited, and learning to think fast and make difficult decisions quickly saved lives. There she experienced being totally selfless, caring deeply for war victims.

Compassion is needed in our modern-day medical industry where blood pressure cuffs are now automated machines and thermometers are scanners that no longer even touch the human body. Doctor Torabi believes in compassion and trust. She listens to her patients and works diligently to help find a genuine solution to the patient's problems.

Destiny brought Dr. Torabi to the United States and after years of tireless work and studying, she entered the Family Medicine Residency Program at the University of Southern California. She graduated top in her class at USC where she completed her residency and passed state medical licensing the same year.

Her initial job was very challenging and fast-paced in the sub-acute Emergency Room of the Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

​Dr. Torabi worked as Hospitalist in both Los Angeles at Mission Hills Hospital, and in Bakersfield at Mercy, Memorial and Heart Hospitals.

With experience in both outpatient and inpatient hospital settings, Dr. Torabi felt there was something missing. In medical schools they don’t teach doctors how to treat patients, they learn how to treat symptoms; pain killers, anti-depressants, chemotherapy.... even steroids if out of options.

Dr. Torabi entered the fellowship program with the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, as well as extensive training with the American College of Advanced Medicine, and International Intravenous Nutritional Therapy.

To top her post-graduate training, she did an internship with renowned Canadian Doctor Frederic Hui, MD who has over 40 years of experience with integrative medicine such as IV therapies With Ozone H2O2, vitamin, minerals as well as Stem cell and platelet-rich plasma research,..etc

The experience and work with Dr. Hui were priceless.

Until the present she has been working at few outpatient clinics of her own, practicing conventional and integrative medicine.

Dr. Torabi is the founder and CEO of SOHO Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Torabi is an established and highly skilled physician with decades of experience in family medicine, urgent care, and other fields of medicine. She is well regarded in the Southern California community, earning numerous accolades for her quality and patient-centered care and has received multiple awards for her excellent work. She has accumulated tremendous practical knowledge over the years working in all fields of medicine. Doctor Torabi uses cutting edge technologies for advanced health and focuses on creating lasting treatment plans that have helped to revitalize the health of countless patients over the years.

The Torabi sisters no longer have to play at being a doctor. They are now both real doctors but in a much bigger backyard.

FAQs About Soho Integratice Medicine


What will I bring on my initial consultation ?

Previous lab results and medical records (if any) List of current medications and supplements Answered patient’s questionnaire

What are the fees I need to pay for ?

Please contact the office to discuss various packages that we offer.

What type of payment do we accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.

What will I do next after my initial visit ?

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Can be your family Physician?

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Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.
“ Hippocrates “

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