Dr Torabi has changed the quality of my life with her caring and expertise. I had body pain, severe fatigue, anxiety and depression. None of the other doctors were able to diagnose me. Dr. Torabie spent two hours with me, order different lab tests, and pinpointed my diagnosis which was, embedded low grade chronic infection, which was undiagnosed for 12 years.

After 8 blood ozone treatments, for the first time in years, I felt the difference. My pain subsided, I was energized and had enough energy to go back to work after 5 years. I owe my newly found health and therefor happiness to her. I highly recommend her to anyone that has not found a diagnosis yet.

- Michelle M.

I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Torabi’s dedication to my health and wellness. Before I came to Dr. Torabi, I was suffering from various complaints related to my autoimmune disease as well as debilitating chronic fatigue that seemed to gradually get worse despite my best efforts. After trying many diet plans and exercise regimens and having been under the care of various medical specialists including gastroenterology, dermatology, and rheumatology, I reached a point where I believed I would simply have to learn to live with these problems.Dr. Torabi offered personalized patient care, taking time to build a comprehensive understanding of my health history and building a detailed plan to optimize my care. During this process, she brought a genuine sense of interest, understanding, and care for my concerns and my goals for treatment. She has an uncommon understanding and appreciation of conventional medicine and complementary therapies that make a significant and lasting impact on my wellbeing.

After one month of treatment, education, and lifestyle modifications under her guidance, I started to notice profound improvements in my health. Most significantly, my energy has returned. This is a life-changing factor that I cannot stress enough. Even my skin is looking better than it ever has in the last 12 years. I, like many others, believed my health challenges had no solutions, but I must give my whole-hearted endorsement that you should come and speak to Dr. Torabi and allow her to help you meet these challenges through a holistic healing experience.

- Dane N.

For many years I have suffered from several unresolved medical issues and it wasn’t until I met Dr. Torabi that I began to see life changing results.

I had severe pain in my spine and surrounding areas due to a major car accident 27 years ago. Every time it rained I experienced pain to the point that I could not move and I had to take strong pain medication. This greatly affected my life. It has been several decades and for the first time this pain has gone away due to the treatment by Dr. Torabi. I credit this to her ozone and chelation iv treatments. Currently I do not experience this pain and I feel normal for the first time.

I also developed a persistent ear and sinuses problem and have never been able to find a solution or a correct diagnosis. Since being treated by Dr. Torabi, the pain and frequency has significantly reduced and continues to get better.

In the past few years I developed freezing in my head and scalp and after running numerous tests and having an MRI done, no one was able to diagnose my condition. Not even in the nation’s top hospitals. After the treatments I have received from Dr. Torabi, I no longer experience this and I do not have to worry about this returning.

Additionally I have been diagnosed with vertigo, which left me extremely dizzy, unable to keep my balance, and falling. Dr. Torabi was able to find the cause of it and not only gave me series of IV treatment but also proper head, neck adjustments which alleviated these symptoms and I have not experienced them in over a year.

Thank you Dr. Torabi!

- Ludwika Szaran

Dr. Torabi has been an outstanding physician who has greatly improved my overall health. For many years I had knee pain which prevented me from certain physical activities and impacted me taking daily walks. After receiving ozone and chelation IV therapy by Dr. Torabi this pain was alleviated and I am able to walk miles without pain.

I also suffered from back pain until treated with various methods by Dr. Torabi. Not only has my pain gone away, but I have had numerous other health benefits. My skin looks younger, and refreshed. My hair has grown thicker and darker since receiving treatments. I more energized and

I have been able to maintain a much better mood. Dr. Torabi provides new, advanced treatments.

Recently I received series of IV amino which I was needing based on my blood test. Dr. Torabi makes decision based on my body. It is true customized medicine.

I’m so relieved to have been treated by Dr. Torabi.

- Z. Singh

As a long term sufferer from anxiety and panic attacks I am relieved to have met Dr. Torabi. I received three back to back ozone treatments in October of 2020. Since then my anxiety and panic attacks have reduced not only in frequency but also intensity. I also experience an overall calmness in my mood and mind. This is the first treatment ever that has produced these results for me.

The treatments are not inexpensive but I truly believe in Dr. Torabi’s method. In one month She helped me more than my primary doctor who knew me for years. as well as my psychiatrist who kept giving me various medications with minor results.

- Sofia G.

So let me start this testimony by stating, I was one of the few people who experienced ozone therapy with Dr. Torabi, with PHENOMENAL results.

With the covid pandemic going on Torabi, explains to me the benefits of Ozone THERAPY and how it would help my immune system to fight off any viruses along with other benefits. So based on her Knowledge and PASSION to treat, I decided to move forward. We started by taking a blood test. I discovered my mercury and lead level were very high. Not good for someone who has had a heart attack within the last two years. So there I am sitting in this chair for approximately two hrs while she is running all these vitamins and minerals through my veins, bypassing my liver, also I received 6 rounds of Ozone treatments AWESOME!!! feeling.

After several treatments, Torabi, decided to run another blood test. Results were PHENOMENAL. Near Zero lead and Mercury were in my system.

I truly feel young and energized again and as a result I feel happy inside.



- Daniel C.