The Traditional Etiology of the Disease

Like many other unsolvable chronic diseases traditionally viewed as autoimmune disease, conventional medicine views the mechanism of Crohn’s disease is as an overactive immune system hitting innocent tissues and organs.  The mode of the quieting the riot is to suppress the hyperactive policemen.  Immunosuppressive medicine such as Prednisone, is used as the trump card in most severe flare up. While the medicine usually achieves dramatic results, as soon as doctors observe that everything is under control, they like to lower the dose.   As doctors are well aware of the extensive side effects of Predinisone, some of which include diabetes, weight gain , osteoporosis, ,high blood pressure, and cataracts, they often have wishful thinking that when things are quiet, somehow everything will be all right when  the immunosuppressive drugs are cut down.

However, most of the time, as soon as the bound hands of the “policemen” are loosened, they do their due diligence to hit again, and often do so with bigger vengeance.  Physicians will usually conclude that we need to use even stronger drugs, such as Remicade, Immurane, Methotrexate, Cyclosporins (transplant anti-rejection medications), given that the goal of the intervention is to knock down the policemen so to prevent them from ever managing to get up again.Eventually, when the bowel becomes out of control, ulcerates and bleeds, the only option is to cut the rotten segment out.

An Alternative Approach to Understanding the Disease

Being an integrative physician, I always try to think out of the box. This is one stellar example where accepting a different view point and approach will bring tremendous success where conventional wisdom fails.

Over the years of treating numerous Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis patients, I came to put together a protocol that has yielded very successful results.  To deal with this condition, instead of frowning my forehead when I come across such patients, I now look forward to treating these types of patients.  The gratification of seeing them dramatically and quietly turn around is exciting.

In my opinion, the underlying mechanism of the disease is as follows:

There is actually an underlying genetic food allergy in most of these patients.  It could be any food, but most commonly milk products, wheat or others.  Normally, when any food is ingested, it is eventually broken down into the most basic single “alphabets” (Proteins into amino acids, carbohydrates into simple glucose, and fat into fatty acids).  For one who does not have enough digestive enzymes, either geneticallyor by virtue of an episode of bowel infection, the food is presented to the body as an unfamiliar combination of “alphabets”. When the body sees this alien molecule trying to enter the bowel wall, the emergency response team will start to bombard these “insurgents” (foreigners).  The inner lining of the bowel wall where these aliens are trying to cross, are bombed and attacked by the body’s white blood cells and chemicals.

If the bowel lining is still perfectly intact, the main action of the deportation team is to wash the undigested food out by pouring in copious amounts of liquid (watery diarrhea) and squeezing them out through the rear door (cramps). Symptomatic treatment with Imodium, Codeine or narcotics paralyzes the squeezing action of the pulsatile intestines to cut down cramps and diarrhea.  If the bowel lining is damaged by the friendly fire bombing, however, we now have a phenomenon of a broken fence (leaky gut).  More undigested food will be able to cross the border un-scrutinized. Vicious cycles are set in.

More leaky gut will ensure more ulcerative wall, will bleed or secrete more mucous in the intestine, there are always some anaerobic bacteria living there. If they ever enter the body through these broken fences, they will infect the thickness of the bowel wall itself, causing pockets of abscesses and rotted through walls (perforation and fistulas).

When these bacteria flow into the blood stream, the body will get into a mode of national alert in the form of chills and episodes of low-grade fever.  Those floating in the blood usually get killed by the immune system or doctors’ prescribed antibiotics.

But for the insurgents that have ventured into the joints, or ‘hidden caves’, they have found safe havens and are protected against the immune system.  Since there is no blood flow into joints spaces beyond the cartilages, the army can only bomb outside the caves, which results in collateral damage to the surrounding tissues.  Will they ever get rid of these ‘insurgents’?  With enough chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, associated joint involvements may occur.

Another common etiology of chronic inflammatory bowel disease is parasites or tough bacteria such as C. Difficile. Their infestation constantly damage and inflame the bowel lining. This is particularly likely if the initial onset was started by a “Traveler’s Diarrhea”.

My Protocol

 1)      Identify the food allergy .

There is a finger prick blood test that we can send to the US, called IgG delayed food antibody tests. It will identify among a list of 100 food groups which are the patients is allergic to.  Avoidance of the offending food is paramount.

2) Do a detailed stool and saliva antibodies analysis for parasites and bacteria infection.

3) Use Digestive Enzymes

A comprehensive digestive enzyme is taken with each meal.  Megazyme is my favourite brand.

4) Patch up the leaky guy

I prescribe a pre-digested protein from white fish (A brand called Sea Cure) to patch up the leaky gut.  It seems like the body likes this material to patch up the leaky filters and broken lining. Two capsules are taken, three times a day before meals.

5) Reinstall a colony of good bacteria to drive out the bad bacteria from the intestinal lumen.  They also seem to reinstall the right environment (eg. pH balance) for the body’s digestive enzyme to function optimally.

6) Clean up the aerobic bacteria in the pockets of the bowel wall, the blood and the joints.  Antibiotics such as Cipro, Metronidazole, and sulphur drugs are prescribed by physicians. These antibiotics have some success, but they have limited penetrating power, often cause antibiotic resistance, and some have side effects causing an upset gut, nausea and diarrhea, in addition to what the patient already has.

As an alternative, an intravenous of  Hydrogen Peroxide, together with penetrating agent (hylauronic acid) seems to be able to diffuse into any place the blood reaches and fumigates into abscesses pockets and joints (Hydrogen peroxide is metabolized into water and oxygen.).   The anaerobic bacteria strives in pockets of abscesses, joints that are low in concentration of oxygen and get killed in areas of higher oxygen concentration.  After a few sessions of low dose IV Hydrogen Peroxide, patients will notice that the occasional episode of chills and low grade flu-like achiness will no longer return.

Most patients notice a distinct difference within ten sessions of twice a week treatments.   If successful, they will go on to more sessions until all the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease have subsided.  Average patients “graduate” after 20-30 treatments.

The above proposed mechanism of the disease and the treatment is (vs. may be) my way of explaining my observed success.  With eradication of the underlying real cause, most patients get off their immune suppressive drugs and symptomatic drugs.   No more chills and “flu”, no more aches and pain, no more cramps, gas and diarrhea…and no more blood!




You may have used hydrogen peroxide as an antiseptic or to bleach your hair or skin. But you will be surprised to know that this simple liquid can also be used for many health problems such as autoimmune diseases, chronic lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases and many viral, fungal and bacterial infections for which traditional medicine may have failed to offer much.

How does it work?

Once in circulation, hydrogen peroxide is broken down into oxygen and water by two circulating enzymes called Catalase and Cytochrome C. You can see this happening from the following equation:

Hydrogen Peroxide — Water + Oxygen

   (H2O2    —      H2O + O)

Water goes out in the urine and singlet oxygen so released has many good effects in our body.

It can freshen up your body like Ozone does your home:

Sometimes you get your house sprayed with ozone to refresh it. This is because it releases oxygen, which binds carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is excreted into the air from automotive exhausts and furnaces. This is a dangerous gas because it has a strong affinity for our red blood cells, the vehicle that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of our body. Carbon monoxide occupies the ‘seats’ in this ‘vehicle’ and no room is left for oxygen to travel where needed. The seats can only be vacated if you supply extra oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide, like ozone, supplies extra oxygen by splitting into water and oxygen.  Oxygen ‘handcuffs’ carbon monoxide and converts it into carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide need not occupy the ‘seats’ on red blood cells. Instead, it travels free in the blood and is exhaled via the lungs. One feels fresh again.

It can “Fan the furnaces”:

The thyroid and adrenal glands are the furnaces of our body. The thyroid maintains our body temperature, appetite and weight. The adrenals maintain the blood pressure and heart function and add to our vigor and vitality.  These furnaces cool down with age and we may have poor sleep and energy, feelings of chronic tiredness, weight gain, cold hands and feet.  Unless these furnaces are given oxygen to breathe, their function will go on declining. Hydrogen peroxide boosts them up by ‘fanning in’ oxygen. The feeling of warmth and rising temperature during Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy indicates a ‘jump starting’ of the thyroid gland and the immune system.

It can fight Chronic Tiredness:

Some people feel chronically tired, fatigued, chilly or feverish. This could be due to an underlying low grade infection caused by bacteria, viruses or Candida (yeast).   Many of these organisms do not have the ability to survive in presence of oxygen.  They need an “anaerobic environment” which means that they can live only WITH OUT OXYGEN. Oxygen released by hydrogen peroxide acts like a ‘smart bomb’ to kill them, since only anaerobic pathogens die and not the healthy cells which like oxygen. Once these culprits are cleared out we may feel ‘at peace’ again.

Traditional doctors sometime prescribe long term antibiotics to get rid of such infections. Hydrogen peroxide also works like an antibiotic but without the many side effects of an antibiotic!

Hydrogen peroxide can also work for acute infections such as the Flu. If you are down with chills, fever and flu like symptoms, try a few sessions of treatment with hydrogen peroxide intravenously. The chills may go away and gradually you may be relieved of all the symptoms.

It may help an Autoimmune Disease:

Autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Scleroderma can be very crippling, long term problems. Doctors often blame the immune system being “unreasonably overactive” towards its own tissues. However the cause of over activity may be a chronic low grade viral or fungal or bacterial infection in those tissues. When the conscientious “immune policemen” detect these “foreign aliens”, they initiate an attack on these infected tissues. Unfortunately, these organisms are not equipped with enzymes like Catalase and Cytochrome C. So they are unable to handle hydrogen peroxide like normal cells, and they die, which is the goal. Hydrogen peroxide kills them off and this alters the course of disease, favourably.

It may work as a Chelating Agent:

Hydrogen peroxide causes dilation of small arteries. Therefore it improves circulation. Studies are underway in which hydrogen peroxide and chelation with EDTA are being combined to dissolve the plaque inside the vessels (Chelox Therapy). The two therapies, however, should not be given on the same day as they can react with each other.

It may be beneficial for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD):

Chronic lung disease may be helped by hydrogen peroxide in two ways. First, it loosens the phlegm and thus clears the air passages. So breathing is facilitated.

Secondly, the phlegm is a good base for nurturing bacteria, which may lead to infection and worsen the problem. Hydrogen peroxide helps clear the infection. The patient may feel as if the lungs have cleared up and sinuses have opened.  However, it cannot reverse the damage, which has already occurred in the lungs.

Hydrogen Peroxide is very useful for other respiratory conditions like Chronic Sinusitis, Bronchiectasis, Flu Syndrome and Halitosis (bad or offensive breath). Intra-nasal route may be applicable in some of them.

It may have a role in Cancer Therapy:

There are case histories showing regression of tumor mass in various types of cancers such as cancer of lung, bone, skin and neuroblastoma. When taken along with chemotherapy, it seems to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy. It also sensitizes the tumor to radiation by increasing the oxygen level of cancer cells. There is a direct relationship between the amount of oxygen in the cancer mass and the effectiveness of radiation therapy.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Shingles:

Various modalities have been used to treat shingles. The lesions are recurrent and painful. The pain may go on for years. Many physicians have experienced that hydrogen peroxide works two to three times faster than any other modality which has previously been tried for resolving herpetic lesions.


Some people take it by mouth. They dilute a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water and drink it three to four times a day. I do not recommend it. Our gut has good bacteria for proper digestion. hydrogen peroxide may kill these Bacteria.

Hydrogen peroxide may also react with food and alter its digestion. On an empty stomach, it may react with the cells in the stomach wall.

Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide:

I use hydrogen peroxide intravenously. It is far more effective. It is diluted in 1/4 liter of dextrose water. Other ingredients are also added to enhance effectiveness and safety. It takes one and a half to two hours to infuse it. For chronic problems, a series of such intravenous therapies are needed. Many people will need from 10-50 treatments, which are taken two to three times a week. For acute infections such as the Flu you may have up to five treatments a week.

You need to find a physician in your area who has the knowledge and experience regarding intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy in relation to your problem.


  •     Peripheral & Cerebral Vascular Disease
  •     Angina
  •     Arrhythmia
  •     Chronic Pain Syndrome
  •     Alzheimer’s
  •     Parkinsonism
  •     Multiple Sclerosis
  •     Depression
  •     Diabetes type 2
  •     Temporal Arteritis
  •     Migraine and Cluster Headaches
  •     Chronic Unresponsive Bacterial and viral Infections
  •     Systemic Chronic Candidiasis
  •     Asthma
  •     Metastasis Carcinoma
  •     Varicose veins
  •     Lupus
  •     Sarcoidosis
  •     Pesticide toxicity
  •     Environmental Allergy Reaction

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